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Luxusrecycling - What it is!

The old jeans, the first leather jacket, the number of cast- off’s you will come across when browsing your wardrobe - All those pieces that bear a special significance for you.

Getting rid of those pieces is not an option so why not re-introduce them back into your life and retain those memories in the form of cushions, blankets a shopping or Tote bag.

I combine old pieces with precious new fabrics and other materials - it is also possible to imbed fabric prints into the final design - to create something totally new and current which will adorn any living area or as with the bags can be worn around your shoulder!
Like the idea but looking for something less personal?

I am always on the hunt for great vintage pieces and have been collecting for many years allowing me to produce my very own collections when not working on custom made client assignments.

Every piece is one of a kind, embracing tailoring to highest standards and using only high quality textiles. Contact me directly for a personalized order or browse the website to see my collection. 

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Bärbel Sonn-Rudolf | Custommade. Luxusrecycling-Unikate aus München.
Siegfriedstraße 16 - 80803 München - Telefon: +49 (0) 89 / 38 37 79 21 -